The only website that is dedicated to North Carolina State University student, Lingbee Lim.

My name is Lingbee Lim. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University, and I am majoring in mechanical engineering. I enjoyed solving problems and creating rudimentary contraptions since I was ten years old. My dad, who was a chemical engineer, saw my potential in the field so he introduced me to the numerous departments with the hope of raising a future engineer. It worked!

When I am not busy with school work, I invest my time in spray paint art. Not the graffiti type of spray paint art, but the type that creates beautiful displays of scenery. I like the idea of taking random household items like dog bowls and sponges and using them to make something beautiful. Many of my friends suggest that I sell my artwork, but I only paint on special occasions. I give my paintings away to people I care about and no one else.

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  1. Find bread
  2. Find ham
  3. Find lettuce
  4. Find mustard
  5. Stack ingredients in any order and enjoy!
Economics 205 B
Chemistry 101 B-
English 101 A
Engineering 101 A
My hobby