Welcome, E115 Students!!

My name is Laine Close. I am currently a Sophomore striving to get into the Statistics program. Right now, I am in the Biochemistry program, but am not taking any classes for that degree. My goal is to be in the program beginning in the Spring of 2016. If not, the only other programs I could see myself in are Computer Science or Engineering, both of which are heavily math based.

I have multiple hobbies at the moment. They are: fishing, skeet shooting, motorcycles, filming on my GoPro, programming and eating food. I recently picked up fishing, about a year ago. I did it a more frequently when I was a kid, but since then have given it up until now. The best part about it is being able to relax outside and enjoy nature. It calming to be near water and the outdoors and helps me maintain normality in my every day life. I HIGHLY recommend it!

CBR250 Forum Resume
  1. Bread
  2. Insert the bacon
  3. Throw on the ham
  4. Pour the bacon juice on the ham and bacon
  5. Deep fry the bacon sandwich
Class Expected Grade
E115-001 MA141 CSC116