Lucas Mitchell's Resume



I am currently working towards a Bachelor's of Engineering in Biological Engineering with a concentration in both agriculture and environmental engineering at North Carolina State University. I hope to graduate in May of 2019.

Future Goals

With this degree, I hope to get a job with a company where I will be able to improve the world of agriculture. I want to help produce agriculture equipment that is able to reduce emissions as well as reduce work on the farmer themselves. I am also interested in looking at ways to better spread fertilizers and pesticides that don't produce as much run off so that we can keep our water clean. Another goal goal of mine is one day return to farming at my family's farm and use what i have learned to help make our land more productive.


Relevant Course Work

Class Course Title Semester
BAE 462 Machinery Design Application Fall 2018
BAE 451 Engineer Design I Fall 2018
BAE 452 Engineer Design II Spring 2019
BAE 488 Postharvest Egineering Spring 2019
BAE 401 Sensors and Controls Spring 2018