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My name is Luke Sain, and I am a freshman in Engineering with Aerospace intent. I chose this major because
I know I will always be intrigued by the work I do. I am a complete nerd about planes, and I want to take
that passion and apply it everyday to whatever job I may have. The idea that you can put a multi-ton hunk
of metal in the sky and it soar above the earth with ease amazes me. I want to be a part of the next generation
of engineers to take Aerospace Engineering somewhere it has never been before.

My favorite hobby is playing the piano. I have been playing piano for more than ten years now and I love it
more now than ever. Playing piano is something I do to keep my stress level down. There is something about
creating music that normal spoken language cannot express. I am currently looking for some way to use my piano
skills on campus, but it is proving to be difficult at a school for science and engineering. I recently applied
for a job with "Musical Empowerment," who gives free music lessons to children who cannot afford them.

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How to Order my Favorite Pizza

  1. Google the nearest Dominos near you.
  2. Call the phone number for that Dominos.
  3. Tell them you want a medium cheese pizza.
  4. Wait in anticipation until it is delivered.
  5. Enjoy thoroughly.

Classes Expected Grade
Chemistry 101 A-
Calculus II A-
E115 S

I want to own one of these.
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