Welcome to my webpage!! Thanks so much for taking the time to read about me and some of my hobbies!

My name is Lauren Anderson, I am a freshman, and I am planning on majoring in biomedical engineering. I chose biomedical engineering because I have always had a passion for medicine but never wanted to be a doctor. One day I would like to have a family, and I feel like being a doctor would hinder the amount of time I could spend with them. With biomedical, I can still work in the field and help people through medicine. Also, biology is my favorite science, and I'm really interested in learning about anatomy and how the body works.

My favorite hobby is sports, especially basketball. Getting active and playing sports really helps me to relax and take my mind off how difficult engineering is. I play on an intramural basketball and flag football team that keeps me doing physical activity fairly often. I also like to go to the gym. When I can't get outside and play sports, I also really enjoy watching them on tv. Basketball is my favorite to watch, and I have definitely been taking advantage of the free streaming March Madness games for the past few days!

I also really love listening to music to relax, so youtube is a really important website to me! I hate paying for music so I just save the songs I like in different playlists and shuffle through them. This wouldn't work at home since I'd have to pay for data, but State's free wifi makes it possible! :)

  1. Pick up the Phone
  2. Call (919) 834 - 7272
  3. Order a large Hawaiian Pizza
  4. Tell them my Dorm's Address
  5. Hang up the Phone

Classes Expected Grade
MA 242 EC 201 ENG 101
A A+ A-

Go Nova!

Since I'm from Pennsylvania I'm rooting for my hometown team to win the NCAA tournament!