Hey everyone! I'm Lila Crick, and this is my page!


About ME

In case you haven't heard, my name is Lila Crick. I am currently in the College of Engineering at NC State University. I am a freshman and a first year student, which means I have not yet CODA'd into my prospective engineering major. I intend to major in Aerospace Engineering. My anticipated graduation date is in May 2020. I hope to finish my engineering degree and my French minor within four years!

Why am I here???

So, I chose Aerospace Engineering because I am passionate about space exploration. I really like astronomy, and I wanna know what is out there beyond our planet and solar system. I also thoroughly enjoy math and science, so Aerospace Engineering puts all the things that fascinate me together. This major just makes sense for me. Also, NC State has a really great engineering program! My ultimate dream would be to use my degree to work for NASA and to be able to travel in space, but that's a stretching reality a bit.
Class Course Title Semester
Differential Equations MA 341 Spring 2017
Intro to Comp-MATLAB CSC 113 Spring 2017
Found of Graphics GC 120 Spring 2017
Physics Engineering I PY 205 Spring 2017
Intro to Aerospace Engineering MAE 250 Fall 2017