Still the Second Greatest...

Welcome all, please make yourselves at home!

Hi, I'm glad you've chosen to stop by my page. My name is Lucas DeVal and I am an engineering student looking to conquer both Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Computer Science. By year, I am a freshman, however by hours I am a sophomore. I chose this degree to give myself a leg up on the competition, obviously. But in reality, I'm just super curious about both disciplines and I couldn't decide which to do so - here I am.

Currently, my favorite hobby is probably playing video games. I play a significant amount of Super Smash Bros 4. I also have been playing some Pokemon on a 3DS. Video games are a ridiculous amount of fun. They require minimal effort, yet allow the excercise and refinement of one's mind. I will swear to the fact that playing video games has made me better at sports.

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I would say click here for a copy of my resume, but I have not one, so here's a speech I wrote - on how to give a good speech.

    The Club Supreme

  1. Go to the nearest Jersey Mike's. Quickly.
  2. Order a number 9. They'll know what it is.
  3. Wheat bread, giant, Mike's way, bacon and mayo.
  4. Pay for it. Devour it.
Class Expected Grade
Py205 B-
CH101 A+
E115 Pass
ECE109 A-

Smash Bros