Miscellaneous Information

My name is Lynn Lumens. I am a freshman in Paper Science and Engineering. I chose this major because it allows me to dual major with Chemical Engineering. It also allows me to take a great deal of co-ops, one of which I have from this summer through next fall. I enjoy my major thus far.

My favorite hobby is sleeping. I do not sleep enough because I have insomnia. Therefore, I try to sleep as much as possible when I can. Sleeping is my favorite pasttime. It is also my favorite part of the day.

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This is my resume.

Ordering my Favorite Pizza via the Internet

  1. Open the Papa John's website
  2. Choose the "Create Your Own" option
  3. Add parmesean sauce and spinach leaves
  4. Finish order
  5. Give the internet money to have a person bring you the pizza
  6. Collect pizza from delivery person

Class Anticipated Grade
E115 S
USP110 S
PSE295 A