Learning about Lauren

My name is Lauren Merritt I am am freshman at state. I am in engineering major. I chose this because I enjoy problem solving and hands on activities where I can apply math and sciences skills.I think this was the right choice for me because I enjoy creating and building something from nothing. I think I can use this career to benefit others and make a difference in society.

My favorite break was going to Colorado with my family to snowboard in Vail. We do this once a year sometime between January and March. Its a trip I always look forward to.I hope this year to go during the Burton US Open. I would have been there least year but it started the day our flight left to come back home.

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  1. look up the pizza man's number
  2. call the pizza man
  3. tell the pizza man what pizza you want
  4. tell him you address
  5. wait for him to deliver the pizza
  6. pay for the pizza
  7. eat the pizza
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Vail Colorado