My name is Lara O'Brien and my unity id is leobrie2. I am in section 005 of E115.

Pic of me before pride

Intended Major

At the moment I am largely undecided but I will possibly switch into Zoology in the College of Biological Sciences. I go to North Carolina State University, GO PACK, and will hopefully graduate in the year 2020.

Why I chose this major

I am thinking about zoology right now because I don't believe that engineering is my place to be and i have always liked animals. I used to want to be a vet but I can't bring myself to cut into a pet even if they need it so I think zoology would be a good fit. I still haven't decided if zoology is the place for me yet though and am waiting on an email from the school to get me more information. After that I will be able to see what I can do with this degree but I would like to help care for amazing animals.

Course Title Class Section
Chemistry CH 101 006
Chemistry Lab CH 102 029
Calculus MA 141 012
Psychology PSY 200 003
English ENG 101 052