Homework 6

My name is Luke Pesci, I'm a first year engineering student. I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering after going through the CODA proccess next spring. I chose Mechanical Engineering because I've always loved taking things apart to fix and improve them. Mechanical Engineering will enable me to make a job out of building things like this. I've also thought about studying Electrical, or Aerospace Engineering.

As a hobby I tend to fix all sorts of odds and ends. I've done a lot of work with small engines and computers. I've build computers for several of my friends, and I tend to be the one on call whenever someone has a problem with their computer. Last summer I repaired a minibike I found in a friends shed. Next summer I plan on taking a job with a small engine shop, so that I can make money and enjoy my hobby at the same time.

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  1. Go to Dominos' website
  2. Select Deep Dish Crust
  3. Add Extra Cheese
  4. Add Pepperoni
  5. Choose Coupons
  6. Place Order
Course Expected Grade
MA 141 A
CH101 B
E115 S
ENG101 A
Picture of the carburetor from the bike I fixed