E115 HTML page

My name is Logan Perkins, I am a freshman in Engineering. I choose engineering because I have always been interested in how things works together. I am also pursuing a minor a minor in business because I am interested in how starting one's own business goes. I feel that this combination of major and minor will help me get a good job out of college. I am excited to start taking classes in my major next year!
As far as my favorite hobbies go, anything having to do with sports would be at the top. Basketball and Football are my two favorite sports, however, I like most all sports. I played basketball, soccer, baseball, and football growing up so I appreciate most all sports. I have played on a couple different intramural teams since I have been at school each semester. I also enjoy watching sports and cannot wait for March Madness to start.
Here is my favorite essay
  1. Take two pieces of bread
  2. Add turkey and bacon
  3. Add pepper jack cheese
  4. Add lettuce, tomato and enjoy

Class Grade
MA 241 A-
PHI 205 B+
GC 120 A
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