Welcome to my About Me Page!

My name is Lindsay Wrege, and I am a freshman in the Engineering First-Year Program with a Biomedical Engineering Intent. I want to major in BME because I am passionate about helping the special needs community. I want to work with prosthetics and exoskeletons to help improve their quality of life.

My dream job would be working with biomedical devices to help special needs individuals. I want to be involved with working with using prosthetics to help this community. I hope to improve their capability of life through these biomedical devices. On a day-to-day basis, I don't want to be in the lab making the prosthetics, instead I want to be working with the patients directly with the prosthetics.

A Picture of Lindsay Wrege
  1. Human Physiology for Engineers
  2. Calculus III
  3. Engineering 101
  4. Biomedical Measurements
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Engineering World Health EWH Website
Special Olympics Club Special Olympics Club Website