Welcome To My Webpage!

My name is Leonardo Galvan Nolazco. I'm a freshman here at NCSU. I
plan to graduate with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. I chose Civil
Engineering because I've always been fascinated with construction
projects and elaborate buildings. It intrigues me how a building,
as complex as Talley for example, stays up. I hope to one day be
able to engineer buildings as complex as Talley.

My Favorite hobby is playing soccer. I love playing in Miller Fields
and showing off my skills. I usually play as the goalie. I'm relatively
short so people underestimate me. I love the looks on people's faces
when I block a shot they thought was going in for sure. I'm part of
an intramural soccer team and play on Tuesdays.

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To order my favorite pizza:

  1. Call the local Dominos
  2. Ask if Juan is making the pizzas today
  3. If yes, tell them you want a Hawaiian pizza made by Juan
  4. Tell them it's delivery to AFC
  5. Pay for me please

Class Expected Grade
MA141 A+
E115 S(700)
CH101 B-

My favorite player is shown below making a save. His name is Guillermo Ochoa
Guillermo Ochoa 2014 Save