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My name is Lilly Caudle and I am an engineering first year. I applied with biomedical engineering intent, however, I am leaning more towards chemical engineering. I want to go into pharmaceutical research and development. I have always loved science and math in school. I found my passion for Alzheimer's Disease my sophomore year in my AP Chemistry class. I did personal research on what a theoretical cure for AD would have to be capable of doing on a molecular level.

I have had two jobs in high school. I worked as a hostess at a restaurant, and as a nanny for three children. I want to get a chemical engineering degree because I love science and want to make medicine. My ultimate goal would to be to work in pharmaceuticals, and do extensive AD research.

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Classes I am Taking:

  1. Chemistry 101
  2. Anthropology 205
  3. Economics 205
  4. Math 111

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Alpha Omega Epsilon link
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