Lauren Heinsohn's Resumé

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I am currently studying at North Carolina State University, and plan on majoring in chemical engineering with a biomolecular concentration. My anticipated graduation date is May of 2020.

My Career Goals

I chose this major because I have always loved chemistry and biology, and hope to take this interest further to make a career out of it. I see myself working in pharmaceuticals or biomaterials, to try and help make a difference in the medical industry. I believe that majoring in chemical engineering with a biomolecular concentration will allow me to reach my career goals and help me make a difference within society.

Skills and Qualities

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
CHE 205 Chemical Processes Principles Fall 2017
CHE 311 Transport Processes I Spring 2018
CHE 315 Chemical Process Thermodynamics Fall 2018
CHE 447 Bioreactor Engineering Fall 2019
CHE 551 Biochemical Engineering Spring 2020