Welcome to my awesome page.

My name is Logan Parson. I am in the class of 2018.
I plan to major in Paper Science and Engineering. I
also hope to get another major in Chemical Engineering.
I chose these major because my dream is to move home and
And work for the paper meal there.

My favorite thing to do in my free time when i am home is to
work of four wheelers. I love to go mud-riding and pushing them
to their limits. I once crossed a pond on my atv ,and the pond was
3 feet deep. Ive fixed many atv's in my time. My latest project was
taking a atv a part and converted it into a go kart. It was cool.

ebay craigslist
  1. Take out the bread
  2. Put ham and bacon on the bread
  3. Put lettuce,pickles,and banana peppers on the sandwich
  4. Spread spicy mustard on the bread
  5. Toast lightly and enjoy
Class Grade
Pre-Calculus 93
Chemistry 93
PSE 100