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My name is Lucas Cody . I am a Sophomore at NCSU. My intended major is Chemical Engineering. I have chosen Chemical Engineering because I enjoy the subjects of Chemistry and Phyiscs and this major puts the two together. Chemical Engineering has many concentrations and fields. I plan on getting a concentration in nanoscience.

Out of the many hobbies I have, my most favorite hobby would have to be swimming. I started swimming a few years back and I have enjoyed it ever sense then. Swimming is an outlet to relieve stress and an easy way to have fun with many friends. I have meet many nice and friendly people through swimming. My favorite stroke to do is the butterfly stroke. located in www file Facebook

  1. white bread
  2. thick layer of turkey meat
  3. layer of dorrito chips
  4. white bread on top
Class Grade
E 115 S
MA 241 A
EC 205 A
E 101 A
located in www file