Welcome to this hardly skeleton webpage. It might not even have bones.

Luke Mendenhall, Freshman, Computer Science Intended Computer Science is a blast. It combines some of my favorite parts of Math and Logic and shows a host of ways to confront problems. I love how it builds upon itself, and it IS fun to learn the ins and outs of a new language. It is very straightforward, and you know the fault lies with you if you can't get something to work. While this might seem agravating, it is also hilarious.

While I don't get much time to read lately, it was at one point my favorite hobby. I have read over a thousand pages in one day, and over three thousand pages in a week. Sometimes I wish I had read more non-fiction, but it just couldn't keep my attention. Lord of the Rings is awesome, and I also like The Wheel of Time. Size doesn't really daunt me, as long as it's interesting.

youtube This is my resume
  1. Roll dough into correct shape
  2. Add tomato sauce
  3. Add cheeze and bake
  4. Add toppings

Class Name Expected Grade
CH 101 "A"
E 115 "S"
MA 141 "A"

Lord of the Rings (books)