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Hello. My name is Leith Abulabda and I am a freshmen attending North Carolina State University. I am attempting to become an Electrical Engineer and will hopefully CODA into that major by the end of this year. I enjoy finding out how things work. I specifically like electronics and would like to know how they work and so I want to go into Electrical Engineering!!

I currently have no real job but I do consider being a full time student a job. Anyway, my dream job is to be a project manager at a big tech company that deals with nanotechnology, which is what I am most interested in right now. At that job I would be able to work on the engineering aspect of the product that the team is working on while also having a managerial role within the team.

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Some Interesting Classes

  1. ECE 109
  2. CH 101
  3. HON 202
  4. E 115
Name of Club Link to Website
Engineers Council E-Council Website
Institue of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE Website