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Picture of Me

Hello. My name is Lucas Johnson. I am a freshman in the graduating year of 2021 and I am currently in Exploratory Studies. Right now I am interested in COTAing into the College of Engineering for a major. I am currently looking at Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering as my possible majors to study in, but that could change later on.

The last job I had was a part time job for a tubing company in Asheville called Zen Tubing. There I worked as a Tube Wrangler. My job was to stack, blow up, and distribute the appropriate tubes to customers. My job was to also instruct customers how to go down the river safely. However, I don't have a job right now.

Most Interesting Current Classes

  1. MA 242
  2. PY 205
  3. PY 206
  4. E 115
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Swimming Club Website
Sailing Club Website