Welcome to my Dojo


My name is Louis Motew. I am a freshman. I am majoring in textile engineering.
I chose this because ever since I was a wee little lad I have been interested in textiles and especially how they are engineered. This is my 5th sentence.

My favorite hobby is without a doubt eating chipotle. It tastes like meat pillows covered
in red hot salsa. I could eat it all day! I like getting double steak but only getting charged for single steak. It makes me feel like a bad boy.

Reddit You won't be disappointed

Best Chipotle You Will Ever Eat

  1. Approach counter and demand a burrito with brown rice and black beans
  2. Waste no time moving toward the juicy steak
  3. ASK FOR DOUBLE, but only after they have put on one scoop then ask for another
  4. Red liquid gold is awaiting you, ask for them to be generous
  5. Finish it off with cheese and lettuce
  6. Pat yourself on the back, you just made a delicious piece of art>
Class Grade
MA242 A
ES100 B
E201 A