Hello stranger, How are you?

Please, stay a while, and listen to my tale. My name is Luke Isaac Priest. I am a freshman. I am interested in both psychology and sociology. I am interested in these majors because I find the human mind to be fascinating.

Oh, what's that? You'd like to hear about my favorite hobby? Well, friend, I'd have to say that my favorite pastime is mentally dissecting various fictional works. Of course, if one had to state it in the most basic of terms, I enjoy reading, watching, and critiquing works of quality. I the activity rather intellectually stimulating.

 Bunny Portal My Credentials
  1. Enter your car.
  2. Find the nearest Pizza Hut.
  3. Make sure that Pizza Hut has a buffet.
  4. Attend that Pizza Hut during its buffet's operational hours.
  5. Enjoy the best pizza; all-you-can-eat pizza.
Class Grade
E115 S
ENG220 A-
MA111 B
EC205 A
E101 S