Welcome to Lucas Klinikowski's Homework 6

My name Lucas Klinikowski. I am a Sophomore. I am currently a Business Adminisrtation major, however I am trying to transfer to Computer Science. I find Computer Science to be quite facinating. Everything from logic ciruits to coding methods interest me greatly.

My favorite hobby would have to be anything involving nature. I love to hike, bike, stroll, or simply sit and absorb the beauty around me. My father and both of my grandfathers were biologists, so it kindof runs in the family. I have hiked many beautifl trails, seen many beautiful sights, and experienced amazing phenomena whilst in the wild.

Twisted Sifter My Resume

How to order a pizza

  1. Travel to New York City
  2. Go to Eataly
  3. Get a seat at La Pizza
  4. Choose a pizza that sounds good
  5. Ignore the price because it will be worth it
  6. Order
Course Name Expected Grade
PY 205 C
MIE 201 B
MA 114 A