Welcome to my Webpage!

Hi, my name is Logan Mankaryos. I am a freshman at NC State planning to major in mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because I have always found an interest in automobiles and everything that goes in to making them run. I have always been good at mathematics and physics too, so it always seemed like the right decision. I look forward to my future at NC State and all of the opportunities my education will provide.

I am currently employed at Carroll Signs and Advertising in King, North Carolina. I work every Saturday and Sunday as a sign repairman on Wake Forest's campus. I have worked there since I was 16 and am a full-time employee during the summer. I have known the owner for years and he has often joked about making me the owner when he retires.

picture of me
  1. Calculus 2 (MA 241)
  2. Modern American History (HI 254)
  3. General Chemistry (CH 101)
  4. Principles of Economics (EC 201)
Name of Club Link
Club Soccer Their website
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Their website