What You Need to Kow About Me

Hello my name is Logan Mossbarger and I am a freshmen at NC State. My major is , but I am looking into a few other engineering concentrations as well. I'm currently looking into aerospace, mechanical, and textile engineering becasue I believe I will be able to do more stuff that I enjoy in these concentrations. However I am still interested in the medical field so I am also looking for which concentration could give me the best of both worlds.

I currently do not have a job because I am a freshmen and it is hard to get an engineering job with such little experience. My dream job however would have me doing anything with either medical devices, energy, or military equipment. If I go into the medical field I want to work on new prostectics or artificial organs. I'd also like to either work on making energy more efficient and abundant to us. Then with the military I want to improve the quality of the equipment like kevlar.

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