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Hi, my name is Lauren Stinson. I am currently a freshman at NCSU. Right now I am a first year engineering student, but I am planning on majoring in biomedical engineering. I picked biomedical engineering because I want to be able to use the engineering skills I learn to help in the medical field. If I do not get into biomedical engineering I am considering chemical or textile engineering.

My favorite hobby is going to the beach. I live on a small island in New Jersey, so I live right at the beach. I have spent almost every day of the summer for many many years at the beach. For the past three summers I have worked five days a week as a lifeguard. Being away at NCSU for school has been the longest time I've ever been away from the beach.

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  1. Call Primo's Pizza
  2. Pick a type of pizza
  3. Wait for the pizza delivery
  4. Pay delivery man
  5. Eat and enjoy pizza
Class Expected Grade
E115 Satisfactory
MA 141 A
CH 101 A