Welcome! My Mock Resume! -Luke Hastings

My Picture!

College Information

Major: Environmental Engineering--- College: North Carolina State University--- Graduation Date: June 2020---

Reason for Environmental Engineering

The reason I chose Environmental Engineering is because I have always had an interest in science and recently have taken a course that closely relates to the environment. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and I think it has heavily influenced my choice of major. I also have learned from my current courses what kinds of engineering I do not want to major in and that has also helped me narrow down my choices. I intend to graduate with an environmental degree and I hope to either pursue a career in this field or continue to graduate school and then start my career.

Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
CH 201 Chemistry:Quantitative Science Freshman Spring
MA 241 Calculus II Freshman Spring
PY 205 Physics Freshman Spring
MA 242 Calculus III Sophomore Fall
ES 100 Intro to Environmental Science Sophomore Fall