C'mon Son!!!

My name is Lewis Rigsbee. I am supposed to graduate in 2018.
However, I'm personally not a fan of having to be on a schedule.
I am a Nuclear Engineering major. I chose this major because
it was a interest to me of how radiation works. I also see it a a
viable energy source long into the future.

My favorite hobby would probably be football. I used to play
football for organized association teams and loved it. I watch college football every saturday during the season. I am from the west coast so I pull for University of Southern California. I used to play football everyday as a child in the street with my brothers and friends.

Ed Lover C'mon Son!!!
  1. Pick favorite bread
  2. Add Chicken and Bacon
  3. Apply Pepper jack Cheese
  4. Toast sandwich
  5. Add lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions
  6. Add a little ranch dressing
Class Grade
E115 P
PHY209 C
NE201 C