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Welcome to about me page!

Hello! My name is Lawrence, but everyone calls me Larry. I am a freshman, and my intended major is mechanical engineering. Ever since I was a little kid, I loved machines, planes, and automobiles. My favorite subjects are math, physics, and chemistry, so mechanical engineering seems like a good fit.

In high school, I started and operated my own small electronics repair business. Customers would bring me broken devices, and I would research and diagnose how to repair them, order the replacement parts, and complete the repairs. I have done over 20 repairs and and gained valuable work experinece.

List of most interesting classes

  1. Organic Chemistry II - completed
  2. Differential Equations - in progress
  3. MATLAB - in progress
  4. Dynamics - next semester

Interesting clubs

Club Name Link
Aerial Robotics Club at NC StateAerial Robotics
Pack Motorsports ClubMotorsports