My name is McKelvey Bump. I am a Freshman and plan on graduating in 2016. My intended major is chemical engineering. I chose this major because I want to create medicines and pharmaceuticals. Hopefully I can develop these new drugs to help people around the world suffering from currently incurable diseases.

My favorite break from school is when my family and I go to the beach for summer break. I am done with the year of school and can relax before starting back into it all. I can play golf at the courses there or just hang out on the beach. I love being outside during the warm weather. Summer break and the trips to the beach give me much needed rest after a long year of school so that I can be prepared to take on the next year.

  1. Call Papa Johns
  2. Tell them your order
  3. Wait for the delivery
  4. Answer the door when the delivery arrives
  5. Pay for the delivery
  6. Take your pizza inside
  7. Eat your pizza

MA241 EC201 PE245 ES200 E101 E115
A A- S A+ A S

Summer Break