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My name is Lyndsey Meggan Campbell, and I am a Paper Science and Enginering major at North Carolina State University. I am expected to graduate in the year of 2015. I chose my major due to the fact that there are guaranteed jobs when I graduate. I also chose this major due to the fact that starting pay is very favorable. I might also choose to be a dual Chemical Engineer also.

My favorite break during school is Spring Break. The reason this is my favorite break is because it is relatively warm during this time. I appreciate this due to the cold winters we have. Usually on Spring Break I go to the nearest beach with my friends. It is a nice time to just get away from everything.

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  1. Get two slices of wheat bread
  2. Get out the ham
  3. Get out the turkey
  4. Put oil and vinegar on top
  5. Add provolone cheese

Courses Project Grade
E115 Pass
ENG 101 A
CHE 101 B
MA 111 C
E 101 A
CHE 102 A

Picture of my favorite break