You Are Welcomed

My name is Laura Frisone. I am a freshman at NC State University. I'm in the College of Engineering, with an intent to CODA into Materials Science and Engineering. I also intend to add a second major of Spanish Language and Literature. I chose MSE as a major because it's a field with a wide range of applications, and the department is small, so the class sizes will also be small. I chose Spanish Language and Literature as a second major because I wanted to learn a useful second language, and discovered that I really like learning Spanish.

My favorite hobby is reading. I'm more of a "read-and-run" sort of reader, so I mostly just absorb plot and character development, rather than analyze stuff all the time. To me, that takes the fun out of reading. I read almost exclusively fiction, though I do make exceptions. I also read a lot of action/fantasy and realistic fiction.

YouTube_Link Angle of Attack Essay
  1. Go to Mello Mushroom
  2. Order Kosmic Karma pie
  3. Enjoy favorite pizza
Class Expected Grade
CH101 B+
CH102 A+
E101 A
E115 Pass
FLS101 B+
MA141 A+