Welcome to my website!

My name is Latty. I am a Junior, however I haven't CODA into my major. I am planning to pursue an Aerospace Engineering major. I chose this particular major because I want to one day get my astronaut wings. With such a goal, I noticed most of the pilot astronauts had an Aerospace Major, therefore, I decided to get the same major. Additionally, my love for mathematics and space also guided me to the AE major.

One of my favorite hobbies is to play the piano. I took a few lessons one summer, unfortunately, I haven't practised much since then. My other favorite past-time is learning about space environment. Since I am an aerospace officer at Civil Air Patrol organization, my love for space facts makes my position very enjoyable. Finally, I love spending time with my loved ones - family and friends.

NASA Website Click at your own risk

My favorite sandwich

  1. Mix tuna with mayonnaise
  2. Put the tuna on bread
  3. Add pickles
  4. Add grated cheese
  5. Close the bread and VOILA!
Class Grade
Intro to Computing Environment Pass
Chemistry 89
Intro to Computing - FORTRAN 91
pic of piano