Welcome to Lauryn Kabrich's Website!

About Me: Hello! My name is Lauryn Kabrich, and I am a first year sophomore at North Carolina State University. My major is Biological & Agricultural Engineering with an environmental concentration. I intend to specialize in ecosystem restoration and one day hope to work for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In school, I had always excelled in math and science. Engineering seemed like the perfect way to combine my prowess with science and math and my environmental interests into something practical, applied, and beneficial to society.

Hobby: I have numerous hobbies corresponding to my varied interests. A hobby that I am especially passionate about is working with kids. I have been around children my whole life, starting with caring for my younger cousins, then expanding to babysitting, working at soccer camps, volunteering at elementary schools, becoming a nanny, being a swim team coach, working at NCSU's Imhotep Academy...the list goes on. Most recently, I have been fortunate to get to combine 2 of my favorite hobbies--reading and working with kids. My sorority, Pi Beta Phi, national philanthropy is centered around literacy. Accordingly, we participate in numerous hands-on community service activities centered around reading and books--therefore, I get to go to local elementary schools and read with kindergartners on a regular basis! :)

Lauryn Kabrich's Resume
  1. Gather Ingredients: sandwich bread, ham, turkey, salami, provolone cheese, pickles, barbecue sauce, ketchup, and worcestershire sauce.
  2. Prepare secret sauce: Mix barbecue, ketchup, and worcestershire sauce in secret proportions and mix well.
  3. Prepare the sandwich: Pile on as many ingredients as you desire. Slather top bun with sauce. Insert toothpicks to hold sandwich closed. Toast briefly.
  4. Eat: Remove toothpicks and add pickles if desired. Serve while still warm. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
Honors Differential Equations B+
Physics 208 A-