Merlin Mei's Resume



Welcome to Merlin Mei's resume! I am currently studying for my bachelor's of science in statistics and Genetics at North Carolina State University. My anticipated graduation date is in May of 2020.

Professional Goals

Statistics and Genetics have always been two subjects of my education that I've always enjoyed. These two subjects have always appealed to me and is something I hope I can do in the future. With my statistics and genetics degree, I hope to pursue a career in bioinformatics. Using research in bioinformatics can hopefully allow me to improve the health of many individuals with what I can accompliish in the future.

Skills and Qualities

Relevent Coursework

class course title Semester
Bio 183 Cellular and Molecular Biology Spring 2017
Ma 225 Foundation of Advanced Mathmatics Spring 2017
Ch 101 General Chemistry Fall 2016