WELCOME ALL! I like purple and you should too, because it is awesome like a possum. Well, not really because possums aren't really all that awesome.

I am Lynsey Restaino. I am currently a freshy, who is brand new to the North Carolina area. My current major is Aerospace Engineering, but I am debating trying to apply to the College of Design for Industrial Design. The artistic portion of my brain is just thoroughly unsatisfied by Engineering. I want to work with more of the aesthetics of cars or planes, but it will just be difficult considering there is only one designer for about every twenty engineers, but I think that I can do it.

My favorite vacation was when I took two of my friends on a cruise to Mexico for my 16th birthday. It was really fun. I brought my friends Casey and Stephanie with me. My family was there as well. I am from Tampa, Florida and there is a port there so we just hopped on cruise ship and went to Mexico. Even though it was in the winter, it was still nice and warm, so we went to the beach. It was fantastic. I like cruise a lot (especially because of the all you can eat buffet that is going on almost all the time).

I am personally a dog person. I have a little dog named Daisy. She is a cutie patootie and I talk to her in baby voices. She is ten years old, but still looks and acts like a little puppy. I love her. I have never really been a cat person, because they aren't as cuddly and they also shed. I have to admit though kittens are really cute. Also, my mom is allergic to cats and dogs, but Daisy is a Maltese, which is a breed that is hypoallergenic.

Funny Video That Even My Grandmother Would Find Funny

    How to Make a Beautiful Sandwich:
  1. Get a sandwich thin.
  2. Put a layer of muenster cheese and then pepper jack.
  3. Put a layer of ham on.
  4. Put a layer of muenster cheese and then pepper jack.
  5. Put a layer of ham on.
  6. Put a layer of muenster cheese and then pepper jack.
  7. Put a layer of ham on.
  8. Put hummus on the top piece of bread.
  9. Close sandwich and enjoy.
E115 EC201 MA141
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Port of Tampa Where We Boarded the Ship.