Have A Nice Day!

Hello! My name is Luis I am currently a sophomore studying Civil Engineering here at NCSU. I chose civil engineering because I have always wanted to design and build innovative structures. I believe that it is a very exciting line of work. I cant think of anything else I would want to study. In life to be successful you must do that which brings you joy.
My favorite hobby would be drawing or painting. I have a great fascination for anything related to the arts. I enjoy going to museums and finding rare unknown paintings. I use various media in my artwork, which I think brings it to life. I am very talented at drawing and began my own comic book.
drwho Solar Energy!
  1. Get flour
  2. Mix with water
  3. Shape dough
  4. add toppings and put in oven

  5. Classes Grades
    E115 Pass
    Economics A
    Physics 208 B

    Painting by Van Gogh