This is the life of the college student, Lauren Tuttle

My name is Lauren Michelle Tuttle and I am a hard working student in my second year of college. However, I have enough credits to be considered a Junior in college. Hard work definitely pays off in the long run. I have decided to major in Environmental Engineering. I decided on this major for a lot of reasons. First I first came to college I wanted to become a nurse and try and get into UNCW's nursing program. However, after the first semester of my freshman year I decided that this was not for me. Not only can I not stand blood or operating on someone, I really enjoyed my math and science classes. That is when I decided that nursing was not the major for me. Now, my dad is an Electrical Engineer. He is my role model and I really look up to him so I considered the possibility of engineering as my major. After what seemed to be a life crisis, after talking with my dad I had finally figured out that Environmental Engineering would be something I'd like to do.

I currently do not have a favorite hobby. I am wrapped up in school work and constantly studying or reading up on physics or doing practice problems for multivariate calculus. But I certainly love learning. I absolutely love broadening my horizons. Before college, I had time to read for fun. I would read so many books within a few months because I would get so wrapped up in the characters and plots. I believe reading is much better than going and watching a movie. Reading activates your imagination, broadens your vocabulary and makes you a better writer. Being in college now, I really wish I still had free time to sit down and become engrossed in a novel.

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This is a copy of my Resume: Resume

This is how I make my Favorite Sandwhich:

  1. Sourdough Bread
  2. Turkey and Salami
  3. Lettuce
  4. Chipotle Mayo
  5. Then toast until the sandwhich is crunchy!

Bellow are the classes I am currently taking with their respected predicted grade:

Course Predicted Grade
Electormagnetic Physics 202 C
Multivariate Calculus 261 A
Computing Environments 115 Pass
Biology 201 A
Intro to Old Testimant 235 A or B+

Here is a picture of one of my favorite books I've read: