Welcome to Leena Vo's Resume

Image of myself.

Education Background:

I'm enrolled in NC State University with an intended major in Mechanical Engineering. I plan to graduate in May 2020.

Major Explanation:

I chose to major in Mechanical Engineering, because I have always been a creative, artsy child who delves in crafts. I would like to apply my design, drawing, and visualization skills to invent a product and improve current products. I would like to have a robotics concentration as I have always been fascinated with drones and robotics. In addition, mechanical engineering is a broad discipline that will allow me to be flexible in the jobs I choose. With this degree, I hope to work for a Research and Development position at the US Central Intelligence Agency.

Class Course Title Semester
CSC 113 Introduction to MATLAB Spring
E 115 Introduction to Computing Environments Spring
MA 241 Calculus II for Engineers Spring
PY 205 Physics I for Engineers Spring
MA 141 Calculus I for Engineers Fall