Welcome to my About Me page!

My name is Nicole Barwick and I am a freshman in Chemical Engineering here at NC State. I chose Chemical Engineering as my major as it combines my two favorite fields, chemistry and the wonderful world of engineering. With this major I hope to obtain a career as an analytical chemist and analyze chemical forensics in some branch of law enforcement.

Currently however, I hold three part-time jobs as the assistant managing lifeguard at one of the city pools in my hometown of Kinston, North Carolina as well as being a youth soccer referee and tennis instructor. While these have been great jobs for me the past few years and have taught me numerable lessons and experiences I would not have gained anywhere else, I have realized any form of healthcare or recreational career is not for me. I would not trade those years as a lifeguard at the city pools for anything, but I am greatly looking forward to utilizing an engineering degree to obtain my dream job.

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Most Interesting Classes I'd Enjoy Taking at NC State
  1. Chemistry
  2. Calculus 3
  3. Into to Ancient Mediterranean Studies
  4. Physics
Organizations and Clubs I'm Interested in
Club/Organization Website
Society of Women in Engineering www.getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/758
American Institue of Chemical Engineers https://www.engr.ncsu.edu/news/tag/american-institute-of-chemical-engineers-aiche/