Homework 8 Lauren Houston E115-013

My name is Lauren Houston. I attend NC State University.
I am majoring in Industrial Engineering and plan to graduate in 2011.
I chose this area of engineering because it incorporates various types of
engineering, which allows me to be more marketable.
This is a very versatile field. It deals with just the types of skills and attributes that I appreciate.

NC State and UNC are long-time rivals and compete in everything, even with
Halloween festivities. Hillsborough Street should offer more activities
(i.e. music, dancing, food, etc.). This would better facilitate Halloween festivities compared to
Franklin Street. The popularity of Hillsborough street continues to decline. More should be
enhance the Halloween experience.

Halloween on Hillsborough Street...boring huh??

Top 5 Favorite College Football Teams
  1. NC State Wolfpack
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes
  3. LSU Tigers
  4. Texas Longhorns
  5. Miami Hurricanes

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