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Welcome to my e115 homework assignment!

My name is Lacey McCaw and I am in the College of Science and Engineering at NC State University. My major of choice is Electrical/ Computer engineering duel major. I've always had a love for technology and grew up very tech savvy. I also find it fascinating how things work on a physical level which is why I'm interested in Electrical Engineering. Being in a duel major would open up more opportunities for me in the future, so that's why I'd like to take both.

My favorite hobby would be playing games. Almost any game created I will love because I'm a very competitive person and will always try my hardest in everything I play. Whether it's sports, boardgames, word games, mind games, etc. I will love it. Sometimes I'll get on other people's nerves because I don't like losing and that's no fun to be around. I'm trying to keep my emotions inside now when playing games because it can get ugly.

The Cw TV My Resume
    How to Make My Favorite Pizza
  1. Hand toss the dough
  2. Spread a very thin amount of sauce on the dough
  3. Pour a whole bunch of cheese (at least 3 bags)
  4. Cover the entire pizza with bacon
  5. Bake to well done or until bacon is nice and crispy
Class Grade
Chemistry 101 A
Chemistry Lab 102 A+
Anthropology 243 B-
Engineering 101 A

Clash Of Clans