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Grad Student Apartment Info
I hope the info helps you

There are many grad students around the country who would like help finding housing (including myself 6 months ago). While there are many programs to help undergraduates live on-campus, most grad students live off campus and have limited support. There is a ton of information online, but making sense of it can be difficult and time consuming. Add on top of this that grad students are also more likely to be foreign and not know how the US works, I am sure this information will help.

I am a student at NC State, and have friends all over the country. It may take some time, but I will try to cover a few campuses. On top of overviews of various campuses, I will try to give some general tips to help for foreign students, in particular.

I plan to make this guide a year or two long project, so please give any feedback during the process so I can adjust and make this information as helpful as possible.

What are the main student focused amenities you can find (explained below)

I spent a long time searching for my apartment by NCSU, and after visiting almost all places have a good feeling of what the common features are. To start, there are some large companies which seem to do student housing all across the US. As I look at UCF, I see some websites and wording which is amazingly similar to NCSU.

[UPDATE] After looking into a few schools I can see how much work this is, so have convinced a friend to help me out with this, here is the other Grad Student Apartment Advice.

The key student focused amenities are:

Individual Leases: This is very important, especially if you do not know your roommate very well. The basic idea is you do not have to pay your roommates rent, if they do not pay. Without this, if your roommate doesn’t pay, the apartment complex could make you pay this.

Roommate Matching: If you are coming from another country, it is not so easy to know 2 or 3 other people to live with, so the community will ask some information about you and try to link it to other people. Many communities brag about how sophisticated their systems are, my view is you are still rolling the dice, just putting the odds a little more in your favor.

Fully Furnished Apartments: Perfect for foreign students who will come to the US, study, and then return home. You do not need to ship any furniture, buy much, nor worry about selling/disposing it. You will pay for this though. Without this the best alternative is to buy cheap furniture that will survive you and then you can throw away when you leave.

All-inclusive rent: To make life easier, many communities now give one flat bill which includes all charges...cable, internet, water, and electricity. This cuts down the risk of missing a bill and getting penalties. It also makes it easier to budget as you know what the cost will be each month. One tricky item here is electricity...some places have no caps, while others do. If there is a cap, this could mean monthly charges for any overages which can fluctuate a lot. Personally I am not a big fan of this because I am fairly good at conserving energy and this cost more, but for others it can work.

Other than these, you commonly see apartment communities having pools, fitness centers, and a surprise to me tanning. You can also find, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, but in practice I doubt these are highly used.

Also, if anyone wants these GMAT books for business school, you can have them for free. Just do well and pass it along to the next person. Good luck