Welcome to my homework

My name is Lawson Ray. I am a freshman and plan on majoring in Engineering. I have not yet decided which department of engineering to go in to yet but it is between Civil Engineering and Industrial Engineering. I like the professional careers these majors present. Civil Engineering is particularly interesting because I enjoy being outdoors and construction.

My favorite break was this past summer after graduating from high school. I worked at Dairy Queen in White Lake, North Carolina and I had a lot of fun working with some great people. There are so many memories I will never forget from working there. I also spent a lot of time with my girlfriend and family. Preparing for college was an exciting time and it was nice to get to spend my last months at home with my favorite people.

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    How to Order Pizza
  1. Look up pizza restaurant phone number
  2. Call and order pizza
  3. Give home adress for delivery
  4. Pay for pizza
Class Grade
EC201 B
E115 S
MA141 A
CH111 B
SMT310 A
E101 A
Dairy Queen