Hello world, Welcome to my webpage!

Hello world, Welcome to my webpage!

Hi my name is Lauren Nicole Slade. I am a third year student at NCSU. And my major is in Electrical Engineering with a focus on renewable energy sources. I chose this major because I want to help the environment by creating cleaner more sustainable energy sources for the world to use. Instead of more hazardous energy sources like nuclear power or coal.

One of my favorite hobbies these days is a fun sport called "disc Golf". It's a really fun game that you play using small frisbees or discs. And it follows similar terminolgy and rules as the game of golf. the goal is to throw your disc into a basket at he end of each hole. And also to get your disc in the basket in as few throws as you can. I really like playing this game because you get to play outdoors and often in scenic wooded areas. And i am a fan of the outdoors so i like that aspect. also it isn't too physically strenuous, so you don't have to be a super strong muscle man to play.

I would have to say, for me it is sorta difficult to pick a favorite between cats and dogs. Because i have both a cat and a dog as pets. and both of them serve a purpose in my life that the other is unable to do. for instance, i live out in the country, which is awesome. however, because of this, i am constantly having to fend off mice and such from invading my home. Which is why having my cat "Muggles" comes in handy. She is quite the huntress and keeps the mice at bay and out of my home. in fact in just this summer alone, she has killed 8 mice so far!! I also have a dog, named "Lily". She isn't much to look at because she is a teacup chihuahua. However she too serves a purpose in making my life easier. As i mentioned i live out in the country, and am somewhat isolated from people. partly because i live so far out, and also because i choose to live alone, without any room-mates. This can be kind of scary at times, especially at night after watching a scary movie or something. However my fearless little dog helps me feel safer because, even though she couldn't do much to stop an intruder, she has VERY big ears and will let me know if someone is driving up my driveway before i even notice. So my little dog acts as an alarm system and warns me if anyone is coming close to my home, so if needed i can prepare myself for defence.

If you click on the image below, it will take you to one of my favorite webpages. Which is a site about the super fun event called "NC Comicon". Hosted by the best comic store in NC "Ultimate Comics".
NC Comicon

In this next paragraph I have a text link to what I think is probably the closest thing I have online to a resume(it's a link to my facebook page). link.

Now Below I have prepared an ordered list of how to make my favorite sandwich:

  1. First you will need two slices of whole wheat bread.
  2. Next you will put 4-5 thin slices of turkey meat on top of the slice of bread with mustard on it.
  3. Then you will put a medium thick slice of cheddar cheese on top of the turkey slices.
  4. On top of your turkey you will put a few fresh and crispy leafs of romaine lettuce.
  5. then on top of the lettuce you will put 2-3 medium thick slices of tomato.
  6. lastly you take the slice of bread with mayonaise on it and put it mayonaise side down on top of your tomato slices. Now your sandwhich is complete and you can Eat :).

Now below I have a list of the classes I am taking in a table along with my expected grade.

Class No. Class Name Expected Grade
1 ECE109 A
2 E115 S
3 XBOX360 100

Here is a picture of the type of discs you use in disc golf. Discs Used In Disc Golf