Lujain Salem Resume


My Education

Brace yourself, you are going to be blown away by my epic life plan. I'm a junior at North Carolina State University doing my Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. And if everything goes according to plan I will graduate on Fall 2018.

The Future

I chose Civil Engineering because it was my childhood dream and I am living the dream. Moreover, Civil Engineering is an awesome major to go into and to become a part of that community would simply be legendary. I have two simple to say yet a challenge to accomplish plans for my future self. a) become a project manager, b) become the CEO of a contracting establishment that holds my name.

Class Course Title
MA 242 Calculus 3 Fall 16
CE 214 Statics Fall 16
MA 341 Differential Equations Spring 17
ST 370 Probability and Statistics for Engineers Fall 16
CE 313 Mechanics of Solids Spring 17