Welcome to my IA webpage!

My name is Luke Gostling. I am planning to major in BioMedical Engineering. I want to design medical devices,such as prosthetics, that work well but are much less expensive than high end equivlents. This will allow much needed medical care to reach many more people around the globe who cannot afford the best possible medical devices.

I have worked over the past 3 years as a swim coach for my neighborhood swim team. Out team is made up of kids from our neighborhood from ages 3 to 18. We have about 130 swimmers and my job is mostly leading drills during practice and helping my teamates improve as swimmers and competitors.

photo of Luke Gostling
  1. Organic Chemistry
  2. Biomedical Measurments
  3. Intro to Tennis
  4. Intro to Computing Enviroments
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