Some information about me:

My name is Louis Magura and I'm a freshman in the College of Engineering. Right now I'm interesting in being a Chemical Engineer but I won't apply until sophomore year. I'm mostly interested in chemistry because I've always liked the idea of quantum physics and chemical reactions. In addition to that I know that Chemical Engineering generally leads to a good job.

As someone interested in Chemical Engineering, my dream job would be at a factory or facility that makes cool things. This might sound dull to some people but I genuinely think I would enjoy a job like that. I think being a part of a bigger group that works together to make something great is exciting to me.

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The most interesting classes I've taken or hope to take:

  1. Calculus 3
  2. Organic Chemistry
  3. Differential Equations
  4. Philosophy

Clubs I like and want to join:

Name Link
Melee at NCSU Their Facebook Page
NCSU Frisbee Club Official Website