Welcome to My About Me Page!

My name is Lauren Poeschl and I am freshman at NC State. I intend to go into Textile Engineering. My interest in TE stems from a Summer Textiles Exploration Program camp I was able to attend over the summer where I worked with a professor on projects with carbon fiber.

I currently work at a Starbucks in Charlotte, NC. I make drinks and manage a cash register while making sure the store is up to health code. Customer service is an extremely important aspect of my job, especially as coffee is a very important part of many customers' days.

A picture of me

Interesting Classes:

  1. Calculus II MA241
  2. Water Aerobics HESF103
  3. Chemistry 101
  4. Intro to College of Textiles T101

Clubs Club Website
Society of Women Engineers SWE
American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists AATCC